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Bank Clerk Exam : General Awareness – Practice Set 3

Details of Question Set:  General Awareness – Practice Set 3

Subject :  General Awareness

Useful for: Clerk level bank exams such as IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRBs Assistants Exam, RBI Assistants Exam. Moreover the Question Set is also useful for other exams- SSC CGL Exam (Tier-I), CSAT, MBA Entrance Exams, Officers level exam for Insurance sector etc.

  1. Which of the following countries has agreed to accept the payment of export of oil and petroleum products to India, in rupee terms instead of dollar or any other currency?
  2. (1)          Kuwait
    (2)          UAE
    (3)          Iran
    (4)          Iraq
    (5)          Libya

  1. As per the news paper reports Government of India has finally agreed to purchase advanced MRMRs for its naval forces. What are these MRMRs?
  2. (1)          Aircrafts
    (2)          Warships
    (3)          Submarines
    (4)          Radar Systems
    (5)          Rocket Launchers

  1. Which of the following agencies/organizations decided to cancel 122 Licences of 2G Spectrum issued by the Government of India to various companies and asked the Government to do the process afresh?
  2. (1)          Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)
    (2)          Supreme Court of India
    (3)          Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
    (4)          Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
    (5)          Reserve Bank of India

  1. Who among the following is the Prime Minister of a country at present and has also won the Presidential Elections held in March 2012? (He had been President of the country twice in the past. This will be his third term as President. He will join office in July 2012).
  2. (1)          Mohammed Waheed Hassan (Maldives)
    (2)          Abd – Rabba Mansour Hadi (Yeman)
    (3)          Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua)
    (4)          Vladimir Putin (Russia)
    (5)          None of the above

  1. Which of the following countries approved a new constitution of the country in a referendum through secret voting held in February 2012?
  2. (1)          Libya
    (2)          Iraq
    (3)          Iran
    (4)          UAE
    (5)          Syria

  1. Which of the following countries has signed a ‘Non-Aggression Pact’ with Sudan?
  2. (1)          Uganda
    (2)          Kenya
    (3)          Ethiopia
    (4)          South Africa
    (5)          South Sudan

  1. General Clients of various banks in India can make a complaint to which of the following offices, on the issues related to deficiency in services which do not get resolved at banks’ level?
  2. (1)          Comptroller and Auditor General of India
    (2)          Attorney General of India
    (3)          Ombudsman
    (4)          Indian Audit Bureau
    (5)          Indian Banks Association

  1. The sensitive index of National Stock Exchange of India is popularly known as
  2. (1)          SENSEX
    (2)          CRIS
    (3)          CSE
    (4)          MCX
    (5)          Nifty

  1. Which of the following countries decided to add 3000 more centrifuges to its Uranium enrichment programmes, despite tough economic sanctions on it from various western countries?
  2. (1)          Syria
    (2)          Sudan
    (3)          Iran
    (4)          Libya
    (5)          Egypt

  1. Who among the following Indians was conferred the prestigious “National Medal of Arts and Humanities”, awarded by US President in February 2012?
  2. (1)          Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia
    (2)          Ms Meira Kumar
    (3)          Dr Amartya Sen
    (4)          Dr D Subbarao
    (5)          Shri NR Narayan Murthy


1) 3    2) 1    3) 2    4) 4    5) 5    6) 5    7) 3    8) 1    9) 3    10) 3


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